Derby Dandelions Bereavement Support Group was the inspiration of Helen Wathall, fifth generation of the local independent family funeral firm, G. Wathall & Son Ltd.who have been caring for the people of Derby and surrounding areas since 1858.

Helen comments ” we learnt from government statistics that there are almost a quarter of a million people widowed in the East Midlands and about 13,000 of those living in Derby.  We also know that local services for bereaved can be difficult to find and to access.   So, our aim is to offer the people of Derby and surrounding areas free support with their grief journey, by providing the local community with Derby Dandelions Bereavement Support Group as an opportunity to meet monthly for chat as well as a series of more structured Grief Programmes throughout the year to help people cope with adjustments to life after the loss of a loved one.”

We all have our own life story, be it a plan or simply taking each day as it comes. But we also know “stuff happens” in life sometimes. Stuff that may tear us apart. That loss – be it death, divorce, loss of functionality or simply the loss of our hopes and dreams – can all be re-expressed as bereavement.

dandelion_MAINJust as the dandelion transforms into a puff-ball and the wind blows the seeds onwards on their new journey to grow again, so too can those who are bereaved.

To some the dandelion is a stubborn weed, to us that description just sums up the nature of the dandelion, symbolic of positivity, progress and survival.

In the same way a dandelion seed is scattered haphazardly there is no orderly way to handle grief; it’s unique and individual. The dandelion needs the support of many things, sunlight, water and the wind to transform and grow again. The bereaved need the support of family, of friends – and of a community.