GJ Derby_FINALThe Grief Journey Derby programme consists of a group meeting one evening a week for a period of six weeks


We work in association with world renowned grief counsellor and author, Dr Bill Webster, using exclusive content from The Centre for Grief Journey. We invite you to come along to a free local community group, led by experienced facilitators, trained in grief education and bereavement support.

Over six weeks, we meet once a week for a two hours.  We aren’t able to offer formal counselling, but together, as a group, we discuss topics that include: What is Grief?; Understanding Loss and Confronting our Emotions (guilt, anger,loneliness).

As well as attending the sessions, you will have access to more Grief Journey support materials on the internet, including practical information via videos, audio articles and books.

How you experience grief will be different from everyone else, it’s unique and personal. At The Grief Journey sessions we help you to explore the grief process and your own emotional journey to help you cope with adjustments to life as it is now and in the future.

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